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Are you living on autopilot?

Do you return home after a demanding day, feeling utterly exhausted?

Do thoughts like 'just one more day,' 'one more week,' or 'one more month' cross your mind as you navigate the challenges of your workload, office politics, and the expectations tied to your leadership role?

If you’re waiting for change without taking charge, you may inadvertently be sacrificing valuable time and golden opportunities. Trapped in a haze of negativity, stress, and anxiety, you could be neglecting the vibrant and fulfilling career you genuinely deserve.

How much success, money and joy are
you leaving on the table by being


Many burnt-out high-level executives and entrepreneurs reach a stage where they're certain they have no choice but to keep going.

Always striving for a new promotion and aiming to be above where they currently are, they’re watching their professional peers thrive, while they stay stuck  and disappointed with their lives, treading water without great results.

If you’ve tried dozens of:




With very limited results.
If you hunger for more in your life…

It’s time to try something
different and unconventional

Picture this...

In just three months, break free from negativity, stress, and anguish to rediscover success, passion, and happiness.

Imagine waking up feeling like the world is your oyster and you’re ready for every challenge, setback and opportunity that comes your way.

Envision working smarter, better, and faster and finally hitting your peak performance stride.

If you want an extraordinary life, career, relationships,
you must take extra-ordinary steps.

I’m about to unveil a protocol that is mindful and strategic in design; featuring a distinctive microdosing component that enhances its effectiveness, especially when coupled with other tools and resources.

Just as you would first clear the mess and mop the dirt in a room before arranging a new shipment of furniture, you’ll first work to prime your mind and set the stage for a more receptive and optimized mental environment.

This protocol isn't about mindlessly increasing your workload.

You can continue pushing through each day of your career. You can keep wishing that things will magically change for the better, but what happens when you still find yourself trapped in the same uninspired and stagnant life?




If you’ve lost access to your ambition, your mojo, your appetite for life, the Microdose Diet Course is your hope.

We will be incorporating the unique medicine of microdosing psilocybin, a vital tool to calm your nervous system as we move through activities that feel uncomfortable and stretch you beyond what you think was possible.

The Microdose Diet

is not just about microdosing psilocybin; it's about your commitment to moving in an intentional way. It's a success course, geared towards mobilizing more of your potential—mental, physical, and emotional—so you can achieve your goals in the best possible ways.

Whether it's landing a big job or growing your business, there are trade-offs and hurdles to overcome.

The Microdose Diet program provides specific tools backed by science, allowing you to curate a plan tailored to your life and career.

In the journey of The Microdose Diet, you're not just unlocking the potential of psilocybin; you are mobilizing your entire potential.

It's about becoming the physical and mental embodiment of your success, aligning with your ideal self.

Take a look inside the course…

To Infinity and Beyond

This module introduces the transformative concept of "MORE" through the Microdose Diet. You’ll learn about the 15-minute daily protocol combining microdosing psilocybin with tapping meditation, journaling, and visualization.

Your Psychedelic Education

Time to explore and learn about the world of psychedelics. In this module we’ll cover the common misconceptions and delve into the healing benefits of psychedelics focusing on psilocybin and specifically microdosing.

Your 90-Day Microdose Diet

Module Three serves as your guide, helping you navigate through potential challenges and avoid the 10 common pitfalls that often hinder successful transformations.

Assess, Clean, and Clear

In this module you’ll begin by setting your intention for The Microdose Diet. By assessing your life and identifying patterns that may impact your overall well-being you recognize energy-draining activities, and clear your physical space for positive change. By focusing on your own vision of success, you will create a map on where to allocate your time and energy. And lastly, by adjusting your language you’ll learn how to set the foundation for a life filled with joy, purpose, and intentional living.

Launch Into Flow & Awareness

In Module 5 you’ll learn how to use microdosing and tapping to break free from anxiety cycles. Understanding how to envision success while tapping will create a sense of feeling safe and calm. This approach will unlock your mental, physical, and emotional potential so you can experience a successful transformation with The Microdose Diet.

Reprogram Your Body & Mind

In Module Six, we explore why it’s OK to feel unsure and feel unworthy about your big dreams and vision. We’ll show you that durable success comes when you're true to yourself. We’ll use microdosing and tapping to dispel the belief that you aren't enough, guiding you to release doubts and insecurities. You'll clear mental clutter and reprogram your mindset for a more fulfilling life.

Crystalize Your Transformation

In this module, empowered by your microdosing practice, you’ll be guided through meditations and tapping sessions to release resistance, affirm positive messages, and visualize success. By the end of this session you’ll be grounded with feelings of excitement, hope, and success, knowing how to continue integrating all the tools you’ve learned into daily life.

The Next Steps

This module will guide you through your maintenance plan. By self-reflecting on how you have rewired your brain, calmed your body, mastered your emotions and raised your energy for professional and personal success, you’ll know how to use alternative medicines for more personal and professional transformation with The Microdose Diet.

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Alan, a successful lawyer, was riddle with stress and anxiety. Living in the fear of being fired and not being able to pay his financial commitments. He was afraid of asking for a raise or a promotion. He was working non-stop. We worked together following the TMD process of clearing, microdosing, alternative therapies, in a few months he was able to reduce his work week by setting boundaries, asked (and got) a promotion and a raise, significantly reduced his level of stress & anxiety, found a life partner, and improved his tennis game.

Michaela, a banker, was depressed, stressed and anxious. She had lost interest in her work and could not see how to move to the next level. Her relationship with her spouse was tense and she felt stuck. She started TMD. Barely 9 weeks in, she successfully changed job (higher level in a better company with better compensation), started exercising every day, met new friends, and set up boundaries with her husband and family, improving her well-being and personal relationships.

John, a tech executive, had lost his zest for life and motivation. A few weeks after he started TMD his daughter said something funny and he had a long belly laugh with her. He realized that he could not remember the last time he actually laughed that hard. In parallel, his focus and performance improved so much that he felt he could tackle a personal project he had shelfed for a long time. He could now see opportunities and options.

Michael, a banker, was overburdened by work and responsibilities. He was angry, stressed, and worried. He could not find pleasure in anything and was very negative. Everything and everyone “annoyed” him at work and outside. He started TMD and the world opened up. He could finally relax. Even if his professional and personal situations didn’t change he was now able to enjoy them. He could find more balance at work y being more focus and

“Thank you for helping me grow.” - A.R.

“Several things long held dormant started to manifest in my life.” - J.G.


Hi, I'm Peggy Van De Plassche,

a former business executive and venture capitalist who climbed to the top of the corporate ladder. No matter how many promotions I received though, it was never good enough. I was caught in a circle of toxic thoughts and feelings of being totally stuck, depressed and disconnected. I couldn’t see any improvement in sight. 

On the outside I had everything one could wish for; a successful career in finance, a nice house, a great husband, a luxurious lifestyle. But I was tired, I was bored, and I felt short-changed by life. 

Have you been experiencing something similar?

Over the years I tested multiple methods, and practitioners, desperately trying to find the one ultimate solution for re-energizing myself and accessing the next level of success, passion and happiness.

I spent 15 years wandering through the maze of personal and professional development, until I came to the realization that I needed to take the process in my own hands. This is how The Microdose Diet was born. 

I’m so excited for you to reconnect with your untapped potential, harness it and finally bring it to life.

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